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The Barrie Examiner

Janurary 8, 2010


Mark Wanzel photoStudents from Hillsdale Elementary School received a big funding boost Wednesday after receiving the Metro Green Apple Grant for $1,000 to install A worm composter onsite which will turn the schools waste into rich garden-worthy compost.

Green grant for school
Hillsdale students worming their way around waste reduction

By: Nicki Cruickshank


Cynthia Hardie's school has a a new composter that will give her students more wiggle room to become more eco-conscious.

A worm composter onsite at Hillsdale Elementary School, full of the wriggly creatures, will turn the facility's waste into rich garden-worthy compost.

"It's a three-storey, three-foot-tall chalet, and it's pretty cool," said Hardie, school principal. "It's kind of neat and it's pretty exciting for us. It's the first initiative of this kind for our school's eco team, and we were way over in the amount of garbage we were sending to the landfill."

The school was selected for the Metro Green Apple Grant for $1,000 to install the composter as an environmental project.

Representatives from the Metro grocery chain were at the school Wednesday to present the grant money to the school, and the worms are scheduled to be delivered then, too.

Winning the funding required a little parental assistance, Hardie said.

"One of the parents got looking into grant programs and put an application in (for the school), and we won," she said, adding that the composter will engage her students.

"They'll be collecting and feeding the garbage to the worms," she said. "The worms can eat up to half their body weight a day, so they'll speed up our composting process a lot."


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