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December 2009


School Wins for Worm Composting Program

By Adam Martin-Robbins

A local elementary school's green plans have landed it a grant to expand its composting program. Grocery store chain Metro Ontario Inc. has awarded Princess Elizabeth Public School $1,000 through its Green Apple School Program.

The money will be used to double the school's vermicomposting efforts, which uses worms to turn food waste into nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner.

"It's really exciting because it lets us expand our vermicomposting program and have a couple of presentations as well to let kids know about how the program works," said Jane Lightle one of the teachers helping to organize the initiative. "This will let us get another three up and going and do presentations for about 100 kids."

Last year, the school launched a food waste collection program. At the end of the day, a team of students collects bins of food waste from each classroom. They dump the contents into a central green bin.

Currently, most of the food waste generated by students and staff goes to the curb and is taken away for composting. The grant will allow more of that waste to be turned into compost at the school for use in its gardens.

Lightle said she's been doing vermicomposting at different schools she's taught at during the last 10 years and, it's always a big hit.

"My kids love it," she said.

Princess Elizabeth was one of 168 schools across the province whose efforts to reduce their environmental footprint were rewarded during the first round of grants handed out by the company.

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