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Green Living

Spring 2008

green living magazine - the eco geek
I don't have a composter in the yard of the apartment building I live in, but I do have potted plants. Is it OK to use crushed eggshells and orange-pekoe tea bags as fertilizer for my plants?Aida H. Kingston, ON

You asked - the eco geek

By: Steve Brearton


The occasional meal of eggshells and orange pekoe is a great way for any - plant to start their day. Eggshells are made largely of calcium carbonate, an essential plant nutrient and black tea is a natural fertilizer. Another tailor-made solution for apartment dwellers is to vermicompost your waste using worms.

"Worms are the perfect little pets," says Cathy Nesbitt, owner of Cathy's Crawly Composters of Bradford, Onto "They work for scraps and produce black gold." - in other words, nutrient-rich soil. You can buy a wormcomposting kit online from Nesbitt for $74.95. Or just buy the worms for $25 to $45 and assemble your own container using something you already have such as an old wooden box or bin, a lid and a tray for the aerated container to sit in.

For every pound of organic food waste, you'll need two pounds of red wiggler worms, the most efficient breed for composting. If you keep your vermicomposter out on your balcony, it must be brought indoors and kept in a dark, quiet place - perhaps under the sink - when the temperature reaches 4 degrees Celsius.

Worms are self-propagating and self-regulating and their castings won't smell if they're not overfed. They won't compost all your kitchen scraps - meat, dairy, grains, oily foods or sauces should be excluded - but their output is ideal for making your plants healthier. For a good primer and a list of vermicomposting and worm suppliers across Canada, visit Vancouver's City Farmer


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