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Powersmiths International Corp.
~ Weekly Newsletter ~

August 25, 2008

It Isn’t Easy Being Green

And it is even more difficult getting green… but evidence is mounting that there’s real $Green$ in ‘Green Thinking’ these days.

As part of Powersmiths’ “zero waste” initiative to divert all garbage from landfill, Powersmiths recently initiated a vermicomposting program at their manufacturing facility in Brampton, ON. Read on to see how just one of their initiatives is working for them.

Powersmiths adds Vermicomposting to their list of sustainability initiatives

Here are some insights into a very unusual transformer manufacturer who has within their Vision a passion to become the ‘Greenest company of their type’ and make money in the bargain. Those travelling to the conference this fall will have a chance to hear their presentation or attend a Workshop put on by their Plant Manager, Brett Wills.

Vermicomposting, is an aerobic process that uses the natural activity of red worms known as Red Wigglers to break down and compost organic material such as food scraps, biodegradable cutlery and paper. Odourless when operating effectively – the worms eat the decomposing matter, therefore eating away any nauseous odours and leaving a fresh earthy smell.

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