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Bradford West Gwillimbury Times

March 10, 2015

Cathy Nesbitt, founder of Cathy's Crawly Composters vermicomposting, gets help from Grade 3 students at Chris Hadfield Public School in Bradford on Monday, March 2, 2015 in setting up a "Worm Chalet" composter, using red wiggler worms.

From "Ewww" to awe

Photo and story by Miriam King, Bradford Times

When Cathy Nesbitt brings her red wiggler worms into the classroom, the initial response from students is “Ewww!”

By the time she explains that worms have 5 hearts, that they are “angels of the earth” helping to mix and aerate the soil, and that “vermicomposting” - composting using worms – can transform organic waste into gardeners’ “black gold,” kids are usually enthralled.

“They go from “Eww!” to awe,” Nesbitt says.

On March 2, the “Worm Lady” brought her presentation to Grade 3 classes at Chris Hadfield Public School, and set up a “Worm Chalet” vermicomposting unit, to take care of lunch leftovers in the classroom.

“A student wrote a persuasive letter, on why we should have worms as pets... Now we have pet worms!” laughed teacher Kim Collis, explaining that the Grade 3s just finished a curriculum unit on “Soil,” and “how the worms help the plants grow.”

It was a fascinating presentation that had the kids peppering Nesbitt with questions, and offering to help. Students who would never have thought of picking up a worm, were asking if they could hold the little creatures.

It is Nesbitt’s goal to overcome that initial squeamishness and encourage appreciation of worms. “I really want to get worms into every school,” says the founder of Cathy’s Crawly Composters – introducing an earth-friendly method of composting that produces nutrient-rich worm castings for the garden. “Thank you to Chris Hadfield PS for being my first.” For more information, see


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