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November 15, 2012

Cathy Nesbitt has been an advocate for vermicomposting, which involves using
worms for recycling methods. She was given an education award by the
Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority.

Green residents earn conservation awards

By: Heidi Riedner

A Bradford man was named one of two watershed heroes for making a positive difference to the environment.

Matt Stergiou was presented with the Ernie Crossland Young Conversationist Award for taking a leadership role in environmental and conversation projects.

The award was presented at the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority’s awards gala Nov. 1.

The award, which recognizes the importance of youth engaged in conservation efforts, is one of two top awards given by the authority.

Mr. Stergiou was chosen for his commitment to promoting environmental causes, including making a climate change presentation to more than 5,000 students, serving as an environmental defense youth reporter, advocating for reusable water bottles and organizing a school eco-gala.

Each year, the LSRCA honours individuals, businesses or groups that are making small changes that add up to big differences.

These individuals and groups demonstrate that we can find a true sense of balance where people can be satisfied without sacrificing our natural environment, East Gwillimbury Mayor and LSRCA chairperson, Virginia Hackson said.

Twenty-nine awards were handed out, including a conservation award of merit, volunteer recognition, soil conservation, water conservation, education and media recognition.

Four other Bradford residents also received awards.

Soil conservation awards went to Martin and Maria Bonigut for planting 700 native shrubs and 350 live stakes on farm property.

Jim Craigmyle was recognized for wetland cleanup and planting 235 native trees.

And it was a winning week for worms, since Cathy Nesbitt is a self described worm advocate and founder of Cathy’s Crawly Composters.

She was recognized for her work with students and adults regarding vermicomposting and waste reduction, receiving one of four LSRCA education awards.

Every recipient was credited with walking the environmental talk and working toward a common goal of conservation.
Award nominations were based on projects completed between August 2011 and July 2012.

Ms. Nesbitt, a highly energetic environmentalist, innovator and motivational mentor also snagged the Entrepreneur of the Year award at the East Gwillimbury Chamber of Commerce Spirit of Success gala on November 2.

Many more people are aware of the benefits of red wiggler worms and their ever-increasing role as a result of Ms. Nesbitt’s work.
A flurry of activity on Twitter resulted in a trip to Guatemala where 6 different impoverished women’s groups are now working with worms to improve their lives, Ms. Nesbitt said.

While many municipalities have introduced organic collection programs, and regular composting is already widespread, vermicomposting is a great alternative for use in commercial and multi-residential buildings. She added.

“The solution to the garbage crisis is several solutions, one of which is worm composting. Worms convert food scraps and paper into nature’s finest fertilizer known as castings. Feed the soil not the plant.”

Ms. Nesbitt has operated her business for a decade and has found education is the best weapon against those who might be squeamish about wiggling with worms for the sake of the environment.

She has sold thousands of pounds of Red Wigglers worms over the years and some 2,000 worm bin composters.

She estimates that over 50,000 or so students have seen her school presentations and have attended worm-themed birthday parties that she hosts.

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