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BUILD Recycling & Waste Management
** 2020 Leading Champions of Vermicomposting Awareness **

"Cathy, throughout the past couple of weeks, our judging team have assessed the shortlist for BUILD's Recycling and Waste Management Awards 2020 and it is my absolute pleasure to confirm that Cathy's Crawly Composters has been successful and awarded:
Leading Champions of Vermicomposting Awareness - Canada"

While many businesses have seen a marked slow down over the last year, the recycling and waste management industries have remained largely unchanged – their services and products considered, rightly, essential to everyday operations. This year, more than any other, there is certainly a need to recognise and celebrate the role of companies and individuals in this often-overlooked sphere.

Awards Coordinator Harwinder Pawar took a moment to celebrate the success of those recognised in the programme: “It has been a delight to connect with businesses around the world who work in Recycling and Waste Management. I offer a heartfelt congratulations to all who are recognised here and wish you a fantastic new year ahead”.

The Recycling & Waste Management Awards are proudly hosted for the 3rd year by BUILD and we will celebrate the achievements and innovations made by the companies and individuals from within the Recycling & Waste Management industry.

BUILD magazine aims to cover all the aspects of the Recycling & Waste sector and make sure every company that has innovated and done great work in the past 12 months receives the recognition they deserve.

Here at BUILD Magazine our award programme makes sure every company is thoroughly researched, meaning our awards are only given based on merit and not how many votes have been received. We investigate many different fields when judging a company sucas dedication to customer service and the excellence and innovation that company brings to their industry.

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Cathy's Crawly Composters

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