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The Great Canadian Worm Charming
Festival and Championship

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Washboard Hank


** 2011 Canadian Champion Wormer **

On June 4, 2011 The Great Canadian Worm Charming Festival and Championship was held in Shelburne, Ontario. Although rains swept through for most of the morning, by afternoon the fields had dried and were ready for over fifty participants eager to charm the wiggly denisens of the world below the grass.

While the Worm Charmers and their Gillies (assistants) registered and selected thier plots, the crowds were entertained by the music stylings of Washboard Hank. With an eclectic selection of instruments including bells, whistles, horns all attached to his namesake washboard, Hank and his band played a selection of upbeat bluegrass, rockabilly and country songs to the delight of spectators.

At precisely 2:15 the Town Cryer called all participants to order and called for all Worm Charmers and Gillies to go to their assigned plots. At 2:30 A bell sounded and the competition was under way.

Over 50 participants utilized a variety of different techniques and utensils including pitch-forks, saws, hammers, steel and wooden rods, plumbing supplies. Almost every implement was put to use including the kitchen sink.


In the end, the competition was very close, but by the margin of one worm, the winner and new Canadian Worm Charming Champion is ... none other than our own Cathy Nesbitt and her Gillies; Gloria and Jesse.



Follow this link to the Worm Charming Championship Photo Gallery.


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