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Small Business Origins The Power of Composting and Laughter Therapy: An Insight with Cathy Nesbitt
In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to overlook the simple things that can make a significant difference in our lives and the environment. Two such practices, often underestimated, are composting and laughter therapy. Both have profound effects on our well-being and the world around us. In this blog, we'll delve into the importance of these practices and introduce you to a remarkable individual who has dedicated her life to promoting them.
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About the author: John Kelley is a Texas firefighter, entrepreneur and marketing advisor. As a business major, small business owner and marketing advisor for Beefy Marketing, he has become very familiar with the challenges entrepreneurs face every day. Bringing his humor and love for helping others to The Small Business Origins Podcast, he dives deep into what makes each business tick, helping bring useful information to other small business owners.
Small Business Origins

Media as a marketing strategy
Cathy Nesbitt is on a mission for people to live more sustainably and have a wonderful, joyful life. She has found three avenues to accomplish her mission. Worms for amending the soil, sprouts for eating and laughter for overall health and wellness. Cathy is a contributor to FEM where she shares simple solutions for today's challenges.
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About the author:FEM is an online magazine for entrepreneurs who are ready to ditch the over-competitive hustle culture and want to embrace balance, collaboration and diversity. We inspire, inform and encourage you to create a fairer and more sustainable business and world!

Laura Heselton - Cathy Nesbitt is our generation's David Suzuki
Ok, so want to hear of someone, possibly just like you, who felt that same compulsion / overwhelming desire to get out there and share her brilliance with the world?
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About the author: Every day through our decisions, actions and most importantly our beliefs, we create our lives. As a lifelong seeker of spiritual and global adventure, I’ve been blessed to have one of my life’s dreams manifested – to travel and experience the world in the personal, professional, and spiritual realms.
Laura Heselton

Turn table scraps into rich soil with worms
Composting made easy. Why should we compost? Doesn’t it smell? What about the worms getting out? And as one of the viewers so aptly put it, “I don’t like worms!” In an interview with Cathy Nesbitt, we learn that composting isn’t as gross as we may think it is. And towards the end, I even thought to myself, maybe I should start composting here in my college dorm!
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About the author: Retreat & Learn was founded with the purpose of providing workshops and retreats while helping to preserve farmland and open space. In 2019, a handshake agreement with the family who had owned Raven’s Crest since 1919 was made that we would do all we could to keep the farm as open space and not developed.
Retreat & Learn

Go Solo - Modern Composting Solutions with Cathy's Crawly Composters
It was a conversation with entrepreneur extraordinaire Cathy Nesbitt, that inspired this whole post. I’ve known Cathy professionally for 15 years and her passion for worms and the environment hasn’t waivered. Vermicomposting is composting using red wiggler worms.
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About the author: Here at Subkit, we believe that everyone has the potential to #gosolo and start their own profitable business venture. The Subkit Academy is the home for all-things business education and ‘how to’.
Go Solo

Yard Reform - Indoor Worm Composting, Sprouting, and Laughing Cathy's Crawlers ‘Cathy Crawley Laughing Bean Queen’ is the founder of a vermicomposting business called Cathy's crawlers, a speaker and advocate for sustainable ways to live a simpler life. She does laughter yoga. She sells sprouting systems, she does it all in the green space. We talk about the benefits of some of these methods and how Worm Composting works!
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About the author: Caring for our Earth One Yard at a Time. Chemicals used to build and maintain landscapes are constantly polluting the environment, causing sickness and cancer and harming wildlife, pets, and children. We strive to help people and communities understand the long term results of applying chemicals to their yards.
Yard Reform

Ecoactionists - There’s Money in ... Compost! One of the great myths of 'going green’ is that there’s no money in it. We can’t possibly change our ways because it would wreck the economy, right? Tell that to Cathy Nesbitt. For more than 18 years now, she and her husband Rick have made a comfortable full-time living with ... worms.
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About the author: The headlines are full of scary images and statistics. Our governments sit on their collective hands and do nothing, or worse, roll back progress. The future seems uncertain. Is there any hope? Yes, there is. Ecoactionists is all about the hundreds of thousands of people all around the world who have rolled up their sleeves and are doing something. In their homes. In their places of work. In their communities. This isn’t about activism anymore. It’s about action.

The Incredible Seed Co. - Worm composting Q & A with Cathy Nesbitt.
We're so thrilled to be able to share this Q&A with Cathy Nesbitt - worm composting expert extraordinaire, educator, and environmentalist of Cathy's Crawly Composters.
We hope Cathy's enthusiasm inspires some of you to try worm composting to help the earth, reduce waste, boost your soil health as well as your own.
Q: What is so special about worm composting?
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About the author: The Incredible Seed Company is Hilary and Christopher Mueller; a quirky, wife and husband team! Their off-grid, home and gardens are located on Nova Scotia’s beautiful South Shore. Christopher is a lifelong gardener with a keen interest in soil chemistry and a flair for business. Hilary is a holistic nutritionist with a passion for grassroots food security. Together, with eager help from their two children, they make up Incredible Seeds!
The Incredible Seed Co.

KCS Matters - Red Wigglers Capture the Hearts of Senior Kindergartners. An ongoing curiosity of our SK students within our Outdoor Classroom has been with the resident worms. With the last wave of warm weather at the end of March, we saw our excited children, once again, overturning the log stools and gathering a squirm of worms into a wheelbarrow. It is wonderful that children are free and eager to explore nature.
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About the author: At Kingsway College School, we teach in innovative ways for 21st century learning. Our difference is in the design: students learn the habits that matter most for success in life through academics, arts, athletics, and citizenship.
Kingsway College School

Wesley Christian Academy - SK – Making Vermicompost For Their New Garden On Thursday, April 17th, Cathy from Cathy’s Composters came to the SK classroom to show the students how to create a vermicomposter for their new garden. First, she explained what vermicomposting is and what worms can do.
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About the author: Walk through the doors of Wesley Christian Academy and you will immediately feel that this is some place special. The chatter of busy children, the encouraging and wise quotations on the walls and the faces of caring, exceptionally qualified, and dedicated educators are but a few of the differences.
Wesley Christian Academy

GroYourBiz - Nesbitt’s quest to fight the global garbage crisis. Toronto based entrepreneur Cathy Nesbitt is also passionate about vericomposting. She has a vision — to merge her two passions, people and the environment.

About the author: Cathy Earle is a member of the GroYourBiz Kamloops Chapter. Through her company Peaks Media she consults clients in Canada and Australia on how to get the most out of their internet presence through web and social media integration. She writes a monthly blog post on GroYourBiz chapter members entrepreneurial successes.

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The Blooming Reverend - I have five hundred new friends but they are rather quiet. And wiggly. Well, I haven’t actually counted, but I am told there are about five hundred in a half pound of worms. They are Red Wigglers and they are small and squirmy. I bought them on the weekend.
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About the author: I am a Presbyterian minister in Oakville, Ontario where I live with my husband and four children. After a summer sabbatical, I am striving to learn a healthy rhythm of work and rest. Here you will find the reflections and stories that grow out of my experiences in the garden and in my life.
Blooming Reverend

Greg(theCrazyFishGuy)'s Aquarium Research ... because life underwater is good!: Vermicomposting.
Today I’m going to talk about my adventures in vermicomposting, that is keeping red wiggler worms in a small plastic box, allowing them to much on compost and poop out a wonderfully rich soil additive. While this post might seem a little off-topic, but I assure you it does indeed relate to fishkeeping in that larger fish love noshing on live food, including earthworms. So, it’s a pretty easy and awesome thing to do, taking your food waste and turning it into food for your plants and tasty food for your fish too! Those of you who’d like to try breeding fish will find live/meaty foods will help bring your prospective parents into breeding condition.
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About the author: Feeling like the Web could use a little more well-documented and researched information, I had a desire to share some of my adventures in fish keeping and breeding with my fellow aquarists. Thanks to some nudging from friends, this WordPress blog was born. Let me start by saying I have absolutely no formal background in biology, genetics, statistics or research methods and have learnt all that was necessary through books and Internet resources. In school, I studied computer engineering, where the endless slew of classes involved a sampling of pretty much “everything science” except biology. With an almost hyperactive need to learn new things though, my down-time was spent escaping into the underwater world of my aquaria ... and loving every second of it.
Read more about Greg (theCrazyFishGuy).

The Power of Pets - Guest Spotlight - A Wiggly Pet A worm for a pet? Come on….really? Yes, really! Did you know that worms make awesome pets? 6 months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting and connecting with fellow author and worm advocates; Cathy and Rick Nesbitt. From speaking with them for just a short time, I learned an abundance of knowledge and have never looked at a worm the same way again.

About the author: Author, Speaker, Consultant, Marybeth’s specialized focus is providing support in pet bereavement and the senior pet. She holds the strong belief that pets can teach people many things about life and so can the grief associated with the loss of a pet. The pain of such a loss can be debilitating for many people. They can recover and Marybeth’s passion is helping them move beyond loss. Her work focuses on practical yet simple strategies for coping during this difficult time.
Marybeth Haines

Project Ix-Canaan - Guardians of the Rainforest - A Vermiculture Workshop Cathy Nesbitt of Ontario, Canada (Cathy’s Crawly Composters) and Maria Rodriguez of Guatemala City (Byoearth), have been working together on a project of Vermiculture with a group of women in the Central Dump of Guatemala City. When I heard about the work they were doing, I asked them if they would be willing to extend their knowledge and worm-wisdom to the gardeners of our area. They agreed and arrived with a bin full of worms to spend time teaching us this valuable soil-enrichment technique.
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About the author: Offering programs of Health, Education and Opportunity, to enable the people of the jungles to become truly "IX-CANAAN ... the Guardians of the Rainforest"
Project Ix-Canaan

The Academy - Worm Composting Pilot Project In November 2011 Nicole Klement and Terri Rutty met to discuss ways in which the YMCA Academy could be more sustainable. Of concern was the waste management system at the Central YMCA, the school’s new location. Unfortunately green bin pickup is not currently available for schools, businesses and condominiums in the city of Toronto so a search for ways to reduce the school’s garbage output. Once research on vermi-composting began all referrals pointed towards Cathy Nesbitt from Cathy’s Crawly Composters. Cathy is well known in Toronto for her vast knowledge of worms and worm composting. Nicole and Terri contacted her for suggestions and to see whether composting at the Academy was an option.
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About the author: The Academy is a High School run by the YMCA of Greater Toronto for youth with learning disabilities & learning-style differences.
The YMCA Academy Program

Speed River Journal - An urban naturalist's progress. - Beginners’ vermiculture ... This weekend I brought home a brand new Worm Chalet. Finally, after having only thought and talked about it for years, I’ve embarked on a new venture: vermiculture. Even in cold winter climates like Canada, you can make compost throughout the year. You do it indoors with red wrigglers.
Part 1: Beginners Vermiculture ...
Part 2: The Earthworms are moving up ...

About the author: "Around 2008 the population of the world’s cities surpassed the number of rural dwellers. A lower proportion of people live on the land, yet we depend on it more than ever for sustenance. The Earth shows increasing signs it will not tolerate continual consumption of resources, abuse of soil, air and water, and indifference toward biodiversity."
Van Waffle

Byoearth Blog - A Wormderful Adventure. One of my mentors of the past months has been Cathy Nesbitt, founder of Cathys Crawling Composters, a company based in Canada that has successfully mastered the art of vermicomposting. Cathy and I met through twitter and we made such a great connection that courageously she decided to come to Guatemala and embark on a worm adventure with the groups of women that Byoearth has been working for the past year.
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About the author: Byoearth is a innovative organization that seeks to provide sustainable answers and alternatives to challenges that we face today. Byoearth transfers worm casting biotechnology to develop sustainable projects. In Byoearth we acknowledge that many of the solutions for todays problems can be found in nature!
“We believe in achieving natural health and social development through raising red worms!”

Wo-Built Inc: Design + Build Construction Company - From Worms to Green Building ... I normally don’t write about my private life, but I got new pets, 800 to 1000 to be precise. And I had them for a week and a half and they are still alive!!! They are red wiggler worms (scientific name: Eisenia foetida), they live in a composting bin in my kitchen and they eat my organic kitchen waste.
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About the author: “To be the leading quality building company that is sought after for its innovative design and construction and is recognized for using the projects as a means to helping women, the community and the environment” or in short ...
“To be the best (builder) while doing good”.

Ecofest Barrie - Why We Think Worms Are Vermi-licious! The word Vermi comes from the latin ‘vermis’ meaning worm.
Quite possibly no one knows more about worms and their amazing talents than Cathy Nesbitt at Cathy’s Crawly Composters. Here is what her website describes as Vermicomposting:
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About the author: Proud to Work Together, residents of the areas surrounding and in the City of Barrie are in the development of the 2nd Annual Ecofest Barrie project.A True Celebration & Collaboration between community organizations, citizens and businesses whose focus is to move more cautiously, hand in hand, into a brighter future.
Celebrating sustainable futures

Dizzy Lemonade's Balcony Garden - Compost ... The compost I've been using on my plants from Cathy's Crawly Composters has had amazing results. Though I picked up a bunch of compost, I still plan on buying some from her next week - I simply love her stuff, I suggest you get some compost for yourself!
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About the author: I am a twenty-something girl who loves to garden, but has no space. Lack of space doesn't stop me from trying to grow things anyway.
Dizzy Lemonade

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Green T - Awareness to Action - Life Lessons and Learning to Love Worms Our first speaker of the evening will be Cathy Nesbitt - worm advocate and founder of Cathy’s Crawly Composters. Cathy believes that the solution to the garbage crisis is actually several solutions, and one of those solutions is vermicomposting. In her presentation, Cathy will help us discover how to convert organic matter into nature’s finest soil amendment as we find out how red wiggler worms benefit the environment.
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About the author: Green T Environmental Awareness - Our not-for-profit organization presents motivating speakers’ events that will bring you up to date on environmental issues, news and ideas. And we'll will help you connect with other amazing Caledon residents who are interested in greening up their lives.
Green T Environmental Awareness

Natural Health Care Blog - The worms have arrived!
Suhujitha and I have been very excited to have a functioning worm chalet in the office. Everyone else, it seems, has been either neutral or disturbed by the idea that we would be composting our office waste using this method. We are apparently a fruit-eating office here and since the City of Toronto doesn't pick up green bins from businesses, our compost waste ends up in the trash. Well, not any more. (Ed. note: some great pics here)
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About the author: Gisela McKay - I am one of the two owners of pixcode (the company that runs NHC along with,, Wellergize, and more). I'm the voice you'll hear on the radio most often - which is odd for me since I am really a behind-the-scenes kind of person. Mostly. I'm part geek, part cheerleader. All these years later.
Natural Health Care Blog

Beautiful Vegan - I'm worm composting ... Finally! - I'm composting with worms (otherwise known as vermicomposting). I learned a bit about it in Costa Rica on the organic farm, and have been wanting to do it in my home for some time. I'm still really freaked out by them, but I followed Cathy's instructions (the Queen of Worms) - go to her website and click on instructions at
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About the author: Lyn Rose - We (my son, life-partner and I) are an environmentally-compassionate family dedicated to creating positive change on this planet. Becoming vegan is a powerful way to say 'I will not participate in the environmental, health and karmic problems associated with eating animals.
Beautiful Vegan

FoodCycles - SQUIRM! Worm Doc, Agri Rock! - Cathy, an acquaintance of mine who runs her own worm composting and education business in the GTA, Cathy’s Composters has just come out with a new documentary called “Squirm”.
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About FoodCycles: We are an urban farm social enterprise based in the Greater Toronto Area that raises worms, produces compost and grows food.

Once upon a worm - But when this story begins, I had just moved to a new city and was looking to start a new composter. So I was excited when a local company ( that raises and sells red wriggler worms.
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About the author: Anna Borstad is a freelance artisan and garbage-picker extraordinaire. While not busy exploring the alleys of her new city, Toronto, Ontario, Anna likes to cook elaborate vegetarian meals and squish her cat. You can read about her various misadventures on her blog, Freeplaycraft.

Torontoist - Square Feet: We've Got Worms! Vermicomposting is the name of the process and requires not just any worm, but Red Wiggler worms specifically. The main supplier of these worms to Toronto is Cathy's Crawly Composters from Bradford and she can get the wiggly things and a bin for them to you in two days.
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About the author: Every two weeks, Torontoist looks to fill up all the square feet in your abode. Eschewing the IKEA catalogue, delve into the unique design shops, interesting sales, and easy do-it-yourself projects that can be found scattered throughout Toronto.



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