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The Creemore Echo

May 18, 2007

Creemore Farmers Market

Creemore Farmers' Market News

By Jean Brownfield


While I was worrying that a hint of winter might creep back to haunt us, it seems that spring arrived. The pre-market meeting for the 2007 season was held with much excitement, befitting a 10- year history. The village has many new faces and several of them are quite eager to offer their wares at market this year. This weekly article is an attempt to introduce newcomers and long-time residents to the fun and enriching experience of shopping at farmers' markets.

One thing many people in Ontario, and no doubt other parts of Canada, may not realize is that our farmers' markets are two totally different breeds. There are those highly acclaimed markets like St. Jacobs, St. Lawrence, and Kitchener- Waterloo which offer a year-long variety of fruits, vegetables and everything but the kitchen sink. (Do you ever wonder where they get those fresh blueberries in January?)

Then there are the other, grassroots markets that sell only locally grown produce. Sure, it limits us a bit, but if you want bananas and pineapples, Foodland carries those. We can't promise you tomatoes in June, we can't even promise you vegetables for the first few markets! Our farmers are still busy planting.

What we can and do promise is that when you pick up that head of lettuce or those tomatoes, you can ask your questions to the person behind the table, because he or she is the one who grew them! And by the way, you won't find kitchen sinks, either.

What you will find this year, our tenth anniversary, is over 30 vendors, ranging from organic vegetable farmers and honeymakers to bakers and jewellery designers. As the weeks go by, they'll be showcased in this article so that you can feel that you know the vendors at your market.

Saturday, May 19 marks our season opener and as is our tradition, we have giveaways and draws for our visitors, no cost and no purchase necessary. There will be Gardening Life magazines and plants for the first 100 at the Market booth, near the coffee booth. As a special treat, the free plants will be heritage tomatoes complete with information about the criteria that makes a heritage tomato and growing instructions, compliments of Cut & Dried Flower Farm and Bill Mann.

We're also proud to welcome Cathy Nesbitt, an authority on vermiculture. Vermicomposting reduces the amount of garbage going to the landfill. The average Canadian produces a metric tonne of waste each year, about 1/3 of it being organic matter. Worm composting is odourless when operating effectively and produces beautiful black castings, a nitrogen-rich natural fertilizer, totally organic and one of the best soil additives on the planet. Cathy will join us at our season opener to educate visitors on the benefits of vermiculture in composting. Don't miss it.

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