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Cathy's Crawly Composters


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Cathys Crawly Composters


Cathy's Links

Cathy's Chuckle Club
Laughter Yoga is simple and profound. An exercise routine and complete well-being workout. Developed by a medical doctor from India Dr. Madan Kataria (1995). Laughter yoga is not about fancy pants or poses. It is laughter for no reason to encourage a sense of child-like play and feeling of joy. The yoga part is all about the deep breathing. The laughing stretches various muscles in your chest, abdomen, neck & shoulders.


Cathy's Sprouters
A natural organic multi-vitamin, Spouts are touted as nature's most perfect food. Containing over 3,000 different known enzymes, 560 different proteins and provide an excellent supply of Vitamins A, E, C & B-complex.


Cathy's Crawly Composters
Vermicomposting, or worm composting, is an excellent way to convert household garbage into nutrient rich fertilizer. Composting with special composting worms is an efficient and environmentally friendly way to save tonnes of waste from going to landfill.









Affilate Links

Small business shipping made easy. Flagship operates as a courier broker. You get better service and better rates for all couriers. We have been using Flagship for years and love them.

Connecting Podcasters & Guests. is the community for creating conversations. Join 35,000+ people making sweet podcasts together. And it's free!

Connecting podcasters with great guests. Do you have a story to tell? Would you make a good Podcast guest? Get booked on great podcasts to expand your reach and audience. connects podcasters with experts, authors, and other podcasters to be guests on their podcasts.

Float Tank Barrie
At Float Tank Barrie we are passionate believers in the healing power of Floating. Since our first Float we have envisioned creating the optimal environment to share this experience and its many benefits.

Wealth & Wellness Network
We provide female entrepreneurs with tools to help them grow and accelerate their businesses.



Vermiculture and Composting Links

City Farmer -
Composting the urban way - News and information on a wide range of composting and environmental issues.

Composting Council of Canada (CCC) -
The current state of affairs in the composting world.

Pee Wee at Castle Compost -
Larraine Roulston - Speaker, Author, Puppeteer. Larraine is the author of the Pee Wee Trilogy.




Environmental Links


Environmental Links -
A lot of good links here for environmental professionals.

People & Planet-Friendly -
A unique community for everyone interested in peace, environment and sustainable living. An inspiring diversity of ideas, opportunities and things to do!

Recycling Council of Ontario -
Promoting environmental sustainability through waste minimization and resource conservation.





Some Good Ideas

Just some good ideas

Nottawasaga Futures -
A lot of information for anyone wishing to start a self sustained and/ or off-grid lifestyle. Nottawasaga Futures is a community economic development agency serving the South Simcoe Area

The Peace, Passion, Prosperity Project - Welcome to the Peace, Passion, Prosperity Project, the goal is that through entrepreneurship, we can spread peace worldwide. Through co-opetition as opposed to competition, Through living our true gifts and passions.

Toronto the Better Directory - Business committed to making Toronto the "Good", Toronto the "Better".



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Cathy's Crawly Composters

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