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Cathy's Crawly Composters

2008 Events Photo Gallery

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Cathy's Crawly Composters

Welcome to the Cathy's Crawly Composters
2008 Events Photo Gallery.
You can click on any picture to get a larger perspective.


2008 Green Reel Film Festival

Vendors and information tables for between films

Worms are fascinating for all ages!

A couple of up and coming environmentalists

Thank you Darcy for putting on a fabulous event


2008 Canada Blooms

Cathy enlightens the gardening crowd at the
2008 Canada Blooms show.
(Thanks to Dawn & Marg for the pic's.)


Setting up a Worm Bin for
Gateway to Success*

Cathy - doin' the worm talk

Here's a picture of our new classmates!

Up close and personal with the worms

A worm's gotta eat!

I am not going to eat this worm

You are going to put how many worms in my class?

You know where to go.

* Photos by Taylor Irwin

Earth Day
Worm Harvest Party at
St. Brigid Catholic School.

We've got a mess of worms to harvest and
these are just the people to do it!


2008 Green Toronto Awards

*Photos by Laura Berman

They picked me as a finalist. I love it!

Cathy with the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and other finalists

Cathy with finalist from GreenTbiz

I am so honoured to be chosen as a finalist.

Hey we're on the big screen!

Linda and Cathy
"I know her."


2008 Aurora and Newmarket Home shows

Photo by SNAP Aurora

Getting setup for the Newmarket Home show

Rick and Cathy at the Aurora Home show

Worms and worms and
worms ...
at the Newmarket Home show


Green Toronto Festival - May 24, 2008

As always lots of interest in the worms.

Yonge St. looking north

Yonge St. looking south

Kelly the Golden Retriever was helping out at the booth. She proved to be a great worm ambassador and got plenty of pats and scratches for her efforts.


Worm Harvest Party - Burlington

Cathy getting ready to harvest

Linda's getting into the squirm of things

Burlington Community Living - Grow Group up to their elbows in worm ...

You gotta love it when people get into their harvest

Set up the new bedding

A job (harvest) well done!


Worm Harvest Party
Surrey Place - Toronto

Let's get this party started

Rachel works with the shovel

Many hands makes light work

The champion harvesting team

Worm havesting is almost as much fun as taking pictures

The whole gang

And the media turned out too ...

CBC covers all the angles

Cathy is interviewed on Global television

Cathy helps The Mirror get their shot


Filming Cathy's Crawly Composters for
"The Small Screen"

Oasis HDTV
Smithsonian's weirdest
Green tips

Cathy explaining the process

Cathy with Anwar Knight

Green tip of the day "Get Worms!"

Jacqueline helps keep the lens dry

Summerhill TV for APTN

Now we are about to move into the worm barn.

Let me just punch in the secret access code ...

Here we are inside the worm den.


John Wanless Jr Public School
Welcomes the worms

Cathy explains vermicomposting to a very enthusiastic grade 3 class

Check out this little guy

Even the teachers think the worms are cool

Iny, meany, miny, moe four vermicomposters in a row.

Setting up the worm bin

Everyone gets to handle the worms

I'm taking this mini-kit home!

Poem of the week: "A Worm"



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