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Cathy's Crawly Composters

2009 Events Photo Gallery

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Cathy's Crawly Composters

Welcome to the Cathy's Crawly Composters
2009 Events Photo Gallery.
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Guiding you through the marketing jungle
Cathy, Bob & Cheryl (
Introduce their Media Workshop on Daytime

Cathy, Bob & Cheryl with Daytime York Region hosts Jacqueline and Jeff

BCC logo/event poster

Your Guides


The Ripple Effect
Craig Kielburger Speaks at
Women's Centre of York Region Event

Cathy with the founder of Me to We and Free the Children, Craig Kielburger

Cathy participates on Panel discussing the Ripples of doing good.

Craig with Women's Centre of York Region staff

Cathy thanks Craig for his incredible work supporting children


Worm Harvest Party - June 2009
Surrey Place - Toronto

Paul inspects the worm bin

Frank and Mei getting ready for the harvest

Rolling up some poo-balls

The final product

Plenty of balls for all

The harvesters with the results of their hard work

Deanna showing some poo-balls off to the media

Mei with a tray

The Gang and their worm bin

Some worm workers

Cathy & Rick posing with Vermi-bin

Rick, Deanna and Cathy


It is with great sadness that we mark the passing of Veronica, one of the Coffee Shed Partners. She touched many lives and will be fondly remembered.


9th Annual NCSU Vermiculture Conference

A medium size worm farm

Cathy spoke at the conference with her usual energy

At the end all the worm experts got together for a panel disscusion

Rhonda Sherman did her usual fantastic job organizing and running the conference

Paul & Lori provided excellent southern hospitality

Region of Waterloo
Vermicomposting Workshops

The Region of Waterloo hosted vermicomposting workshops in June. Several sessions were held during this oneday special event.

Cathy takes a break from unloading Vermicomposters

Program Co-ordinator Clark Reichert poses with Cathy after setting up - ready to start the vermicomposting workshops

Cathy mugs it up with Waterloo mascot Wally the Worm

* * * *

* photos from Clark Reichert - Region of Waterloo

The calm before the workshop

Clark Reichert describes how to setup vermicomposting units

A young composter shows Mom how it's done


Seedy Saturday 2009

* *

* Photos by Susan Butler


The Artscape Wychwood Barns is an amazing building

Cathy explains the harvest process

Rick enjoys some worm-talk

These film makers from Spacecapsule films wanted the worms in their upcoming documetary


28th Annual Guelph Organic Conference

The calm before the storm

The storm
(Thousands attended the conference)

Christina and Farrah from the Windfall booth stopped by for a visit and some giggles

Cathy mans the Sky Buffalo booth

Cathy and Tony from Sprout Growers

Numerous vendors upstairs as well


2009 Green Reel Environmental Film Festival
(Featuring the World Premiere of SQUIRM)

Many came to see the movie and to revisit the worms

Kathryn & Cathy
(Yea St. Brigid's)

Worms by the handful

Even more vendors this year to keep people busy between films

Two young worm-girls back for another look

It's Showtime!

Rick's parents celebrate with Cathy's former boss Syd

Darcy & Cathy
Filmmaker and Vermicomposter

Christina Marie entertains between shows

Cathy & Rick standing by the worms

Cathy with Morro & Jasp (Can you spot the clown?)

Earth Rangers brought some special guests ...

Maverick, an American Kestrel

and Floyd the Python ...

were both kept well away from lunch, I mean the worms.


2009 Landscape Ontario Congress


Cathy admires the booth before the crowds arrive

Explaining the virtues of the Worm Chalet


Cathy and Christine had conversations concerning composting

Rick & Cathy manning the booth

Irina stopped by for some worm talk and to take some pictures

* Photos by Irina Polstvin



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