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Cathy's Crawly Composters

2011 Events Photo Gallery

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Cathy's Crawly Composters

Welcome to the Cathy's Crawly Composters
2011 Events Photo Gallery.



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2011 Markham Fair

Markham Fair Scarecrow/Mascot welcoming everyone.

Cathy milks a fiberglass cow.


A lot of interest in the worms at the Cathy's Crawly Composters booth.


Cathy takes a break with Katie from the town of Markham.

Some of the entertainment
around the fair:
Bikes and motorcycles
defying gravity.

Rick is surprised by bugs crunching their lunch.

What's a fair without some colourful critters.

Cathy takes a turn on the stage showing some of the benefits of vermicomposting.

Skipping up a storm.

Morley & Dottie (M.G. Bees) standing by some delicious honey products.

Kids' World of Energy Festival 2011
The Brickworks

The Brick Ovens at the Brickworks.

Some cool wall art.

Worm Power at the
World of Energy Festival.

Green Toronto Festival 2011

A lot of interest in what we were doing with worms at Yonge & Dundas.

A very colourful
parade of Krishnas.

An interview with a Worm.

The Great Canadian Worm Charming
Festival and Championship

Festivities took place at Fiddler Park in Shelburne, ON

Cathy and her Gillies (Elvie, Jesse, Gloria) prepare for the competition.

Town Cryer proclaims the games open.

Over 50 participants convinced, consoled and otherwise charmed worms to the surface.

The official count and weigh in.

Competition moved on at a worm's pace.

Jesse holds up a prized specimen.

And the winner is ... Cathy and the Crawlers!


2011 Green Living Show - Toronto

The Green Living Show is held in Direct Energy Centre on the CNE grounds.

Getting ready to introduce the worms on Breakfast Television.

Cathy visits Chris Chopik Toronto's Green Realtor.

Cathy waits for the show to start.

A full house to see the worms.

Cathy says hi to author and No Guff Gardener Steven Biggs.

The Animals:

That's a big Beaver.

I thought I saw a pussy cat.

That's one big lizard.

Cathy and Rick in the Zoo.


30th Annual Guelph Organic Conference

Mark Cullen stops by for some worm talk.

University of Guelph
University Centre.

Looks like Cathy was teaching Mark a new dance step.

Jade and Jen providing all the eco-info at the Windfall Ecology Centre booth.

Brenda from Whole Village, a community dedicated to sustainable living.

I don't remember the punch-line but Cathy thought it was funny.


Worm Workshop at
Our Lady of Lourdes School

Preparing the bedding for the worms.

Last check to see if bedding is ready for the worms.

Just add worms.

Up close with the new class mates.

Owen's lunch.

Everybody loves worms.

*Thanks to Metro's Green Apple Program
for sponsoring the workshop and worm bins.



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