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Cathy's Crawly Composters

2012 Events Photo Gallery

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Cathy's Crawly Composters

Welcome to the Cathy's Crawly Composters
2012 Events Photo Gallery.



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Winterizing the Vermicomposter at
Toronto Green Community

Cathy with Glenn Munroe who was on hand to share his expertise on how to winterize a worm bin.

What not to feed the worms!

Insulating the bin with styrofoam.

Glenn shows Mike some of the finer points of the worm bin.

Rapt attention as Glenn explains what will happen in the worm bin during the winter.

Cathy and Karen discuss the merits of winter vermicomposting.

Kia waiting patiently for some one to throw the ball.


TEDx Richmond Hill 2012

Cathy on stage at TEDx Richmond Hill.

The volunteers did an incredible job! Curator Amin Sharifi (The man in white) did a fabulous job organizing the event and keeping everything on track.

Cathy speaks on how worms will help with the garbage crisis.

Cathy with some of the TEDx speakers:

Cathy & Donna Messer - "The Queen of Networking" and one of Cathy's earliest Mentors.

Cathy with Marla Lukofsky
(Marla was a proud member of Second City for one Whole month until they realized she wasn't Andrea Martin).

Cathy & Ryan Coelho - a young entrepreneur on the go. Founder and Head Coach at #GameOn Leadership Coaching.

Cathy meets with Olympians. Multiple medal winning Karen Cockburn & 2012 Gold medalist Rosannagh (Rosie) MacLennan.

Edible Wild Food Tour
at Lore Gardens

Karen Stephenson of Edible Wild Food leads the first group on a tour through Lorrie Mackness' beautiful property.

Karen tells us about the beneficial propeties

While Lorrie shows the second group the frog pond.

Which is full of frogs.

Two beautiful blondes.

And under this Milkweed leaf we have what will soon be a Monarch Butterfly.

The group moves to the next section.

Our host and organizers:
Lorrie Mackness, Karen Stephenson & Cathy Nesbitt.


Surrey Place Harvest Party 2012

Cathy with Andrew: Master of Ceremonies.

Mimi and Cathy making Poo Balls.

Alison showing what the harvest is all about.

The production line.

Quality Control.

Amba & Julie.

The Harvest Team.

Mei - "I saw a worm this big."


Worms cause waves at the
Mill Pond Splash

Cathy digging in her worm bin.

Why did the Duck cross the road?
She was just following the chicken of course.

A rainy day but still fun.

Cathy makes sure the worms stay happy.


Lennoxville Elementary Vermicomposting and Book Launch

Lennoxville Elementary Grade 3's learn about Vermicomposting and the worms.

And they adopt 3 Worm Chalets!

Spearheaded by two inspirational teachers (Mme Desbiens & Juby-Smith) the grade 3's learn about fair trade food and why the worms are an important part of the food system. They then took their learnings and ideas and recorded them in journals, poetry, letters and pictures. The experiences were then collected and published in a book entitled:
~ A Fair Plate. ~

The Book Launch

One of our Emcees for the evening.

Skits showed us how to buy Fair Trade food.

Cathy says a few words at the launch.

Grade 3's all on stage.

Meet the authors.

Cathy with Mme Desbiens & Juby-Smith.

Cathy signs some books.


Vermicomposting Day at
Halton Waldorf School*

"First you prepare the bedding."

"Remember to add a little soil."

"Then you add the worms."

Cathy and her big little friend.

Follow this link for a vermi-report in Halton Waldorf Newsletter.
*All photos courtesy of Barbara Frensch.

Vermicomposting Guatemala

Some of the fantastic worm workers from Junkabal, Guatemala.

"We have some beautiful worms"

A trough to bring food down to the vermicomposters.

Maria discusses bedding materials.

Worm workers from Sacatepequez


Temple of The Great Jaguar
Tikal, Guatemala


Workshop in Fundacion Junkabal, Guatemala

Cathy and Anne in El Remate is near the Tikal National Park

Cathy and Maria have a rest in El Remate

Worm Workshop in El Remate



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