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Cathy's Crawly Composters

2013 Events Photo Gallery

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Cathy's Crawly Composters

Welcome to the Cathy's Crawly Composters
2013 Events Photo Gallery.



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On Dec. 6. 2013 there were 220 different TEDx Women events world wide. Cathy and the worms were part of The Annex Women event.

Hosted at:

The Munk School of Global Affairs
Join the conversation.

Located in the University of Toronto, The Munk is an interdisciplinary academic centre with various research and educational programs committed to the field of globalization (Wikipedia).

TEDx - Invented Here

Cathy Introduces The Worm Chalet


Speakers and Performers




Cathy Nesbitt
"The Wonderfull World of Worms"

Janet L. Castillo
"Letting Go Of Technology"

Christina Crook
"She Moves"


Teneile Warren
"Reading for Social Change"


All Speakers ... Take a bow.

Cathy talks to the rocket scientist.

See more pictures on flickr - tedxtheannexwomen.
Find out more about the event on speaker Natalie Panek's website.

Surrey Place Annual Harvest Party

Mimi and Gerald show off a couple of Squirms.

Lots of cute little worms.

That's a lot of worm castings.

Time for a coffee break.


Feast of Fields 2013

Cathy showing off her Sprout Growers.

Lots of incredibly delicious foods available.

Dozens of restaurants offering samples but our neighbour's soup was spectacular.

They even saved some special treats to bring home for the worms.


Luminato 2013
"At the Kids Table: Future Tastes of Toronto"

Vendors are set up and the crowds are starting to come in.

A quick word about our worms.

Very picturesque Distillery District in Toronto.

Even the young ones love the worms.

Sign of the times.

The old buildings against the new.

A worm-cheer from Dovercourt Public School.

As a reward for your cheer, you get to hold some worms.

Cathy on stage doing "The Worm Talk".


Green Living Show 2013

Cathy with Rob Stewart the film maker who brought us Sharkwater and Revolution.

Cathy demonstrates what happens when you get too close to a plastic shark.

And now for the worm talk.

Smile you're on camera.


Seedy Saturday at Scadding Court

Scadding Court Community Centre.

Cathy with colourful Kyla.

Cathy talking sprouts.

Cathy being Cathy.

Rick being Rick.

Cathy sharing a funny story with customer.

Looking down on the vendor tables.

Seedy Saturday
The view from the floor.

Seedy Saturday
the view from above.


32nd Annual Guelph Organic Conference

Cathy presents:
The World of Vermicomposting,
From Small to Mega Scale.

Follow this link: to hear Cathy's presentation.

Cathy talks sprouts with the lovely Lisa Mumm of Mumm's Sprouting Seeds.

Cathy with Conference General Manager Tomas Nimmo.

Cathy does the worm talk at the Organic Conference.


G.L. Roberts Collegiate
School of Environmental Studies

Cathy making worm jokes.

"Yes I am holding worms".

"Think anyone will notice if I put this on the pizza?"

"This little beauty is a Red Wiggler".

*All pictures taken by GL Roberts students.



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