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Cathy's Crawly Composters

2014 Events Photo Gallery

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Cathy's Crawly Composters

Welcome to the Cathy's Crawly Composters
2014 Events Photo Gallery.



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Random People Pic's

Cathy with Jeff Moore from Daytime York Region.

Cathy joined Victoria Coretti on York Region Spotlight to talk with students about environmental awareness and how they can get involved.

Shannon Skinner (middle) from Extraordinary Women TV interviews two very Extraordinary women: Cathy and Karen Armstrong of Inside Out.

Will Nash & Melanie Case from Daytime Simcoe find out about Sprouts.

Cathy returns to Georgina Life to update Jennifer and Joe on the worming business.

Julia Suppa from In The Know stops by for a chat at Soupfest.

Kevin from Alternative Grounds provides some great coffee chaff for the worms.


Cathy on Pumpkin Patrol.
Collecting some delicious orange treats for the worms.

After halloween we put out the word that our worms were asking what happens to all the delicious pumpkins after halloween. They said that they would gladly take care of any leftovers. Our final total was 155 pumpkins. The worms would like to say thanks for all the donations.


Vermiculture workshop with Glenn Munroe & Cathy Nesbitt Kimbourne Park United Church

Glenn shows us his insulated, winter-ready vermicomposter.

Cathy and Glenn talk on the finer points of vermiculture.


Toronto Farmers' Markets

Allan Gardens

Tell 'em who you are.

Sharon, Lois & Bram entertain the kidlings (but it seemed the mom' & dad's were the ones that really rock it).

Vendor neighbours BUFCO have some great urban farming ideas.

* * *

* Pictures courtesy of Sara Meredith

Rick had some serious conversations about worm composting.

Cathy, Lois & Sara.

Sara and Cathy pose with Sharon & Lois.


Liberty Village

Cathy answers some questions.

These sisters loved the worms.

Cathy on display.

A lively market.


Canada Day Market in Newmarket

Cathy taking a rest at the booth.

Thousands of peoploids.

Some serious worm talk by the Worm Chalet.


Windfall Ecology Festival 2014

Cathy & Rick maning the booth.

The water bubbles looked like tons of fun.

The sound system for the stage was bike powered.

* * *

The seats were hay bales but the stage was wood.

This little one wanted to see Cathy's credentials.

A little squirm on display.

A worm's buffet.

*All photos courtesy of Danielle Koren

March Against Monsanto - Barrie Ontario

Protesters Street Side.

Signs of the times.

The Crowds.

Cathy on the podium.
Follow this link to see Cathy's talk.

Cathy talks about the effect of pesticides on worms.

Thank you to the organizers:
Janette, Jan & Jessy.

No More GMO.

Speakers and Organizers.


Green Living Show 2014

Waiting for Cathy to take the stage.

Cathy with some props for her talk.

Checking out the worms

Rick maning the booth.

Some soldiers from 1812 checking out the worms.

Cathy being interviewed for Fairchild TV.
Follow this link to see the interview.

Mellena shows off her bookworm bookmark.

Kyle and Cathy getting silly.


Seedy Saturdays, Farmers Markets around the GTA.

Cathy demonstrates the features of the Worm Chalet.

Some cool Orchids at neighbour's booth.

A damp farmers' market in Aurora.

Lots of interesting vendors at the Scarborough Seedy Saturday.

A beautiful room with dark rich wood panelling. The worms loved it.

A sprouter to brighten up the day at a damp Aurora farmers' market.


Probus Club of Bradford

Cathy speaks to Probus group about the benefits of sprouts and sprouting.

A full house.

Is that worm poo on my hand?

Long time friend Karen Dorland was happy to hear Cathy speak.


33rd Annual Guelph Organic Conference

Cathy shows off her booth as she waits for the people to come.

And this is our family photo.

Cathy poses with Zora.

Official poster for the Guelph
Organic Conference & Expo 2014

Thank you to Pfennings Organic for donating the pulp from your carrott juice to the worms. They loved it!

Caitlan picked up some European Night Crawlers to go with Kim's Red Wigglers.

Sue, Ingrid & Brad from Earth Wisdom Learning. Ingrid was on a special panel on Natural Building.



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