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Cathy's Crawly Composters

2015 Events Photo Gallery

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Cathy's Crawly Composters

Welcome to the Cathy's Crawly Composters
2015 Events Photo Gallery.



Cathy, Elaine, Rick
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Cathy's Laughfest / Laughter Flash Mob


Cathy's Laughter Club - Bradford


Toronto Laughter Flash Mob
Nathan Phillips Square

Free Laughter in 10 minutes.

Reach for the laugh.

Look up.



Holland Marsh Soupfest

Doors open in 3...2...1

Peaking in on the neighbours.

Cathy looks over some sprout growers.

Bradford West Gwillimbury Mayor Rob Keffer.


2Hot4Kitchen Food Idol Awards

Cathy is interviewed about how the worms help grow some of the best foods.

Manning the booth.


Canada Day Celebrations
Newmarket 2015

Cathy showing off a sprout grower.

Millions of peoploids in attendance (well maybe a slight exaggeration).

Cathy with the beautiful Michelina
(Thanks for the booth space).

One of the many musical interludes featuring a number of Canadian focused bands.

Good to see so many animals enjoying the day.

Food vendors were very busy though out the day.

Cathy with some lovely plants.

Rick man's the booth.

Cathy show's off our flag.


Windfall Ecology Festival

Cathy showing off a sprout grower.

Booth set up? Check. Let the people in.

Some people very excited about seeing a worm egg.

This is what all the excitement is about.


Sound of Music Festival - Burlington

FacePainting and Worms ... What a festival.

As always, Cathy is happy to talk about the worms.


Thank you to Organics Live for inviting us to this beautiful festival.

Always time for a quick Laughter Yoga session.

Rick gets a free roti in exchange for his opinion. Somewhere on the food channel you can find out how good it really was.

Do the worms help farmers or is this a case of entomophagy?


Beeton Honey & Garden Festival 2015

Plenty of interesting things to see and do at the
2015 Beeton Honey Festival.


Councillor Joe Mihevc's Community Environment Day

Councillor Joe Mihevc holds 100 Red Wigglers, much to Cathy's delight.

That is a mountain of compost, and we have to move it 6" to the right.

Toxic & E-waste collection.
That's Toxic and E-waste - not Toxic E-waste!

A beautiful sunny spring day for the event.

Grade schoolers to serenade the masses.

Cathy shows a cool jar of baby spiders to a young girl.

John Tory
stops by ...

And finds out how the worms can help Toronto's garbage crisis.


Canadian Organic Growers Conference 2015

Cathy showing us what she's got (to sell).

Cathy & Rick with the incredible Dr. Elaine Ingham of the Soil Food Web.

Just a reminder of Toronto in January.
(Down by the Henry Moore)



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Cathy's Crawly Composters

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