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Cathy's Crawly Composters

2016 Events Photo Gallery

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Cathy's Crawly Composters

Welcome to the Cathy's Crawly Composters
2016 Events Photo Gallery.



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Mississauga Earth Market

The funky pyramid that is West Credit Secondary School.

Face painting for those who dared.

Cathy by the booth.

Interesting quiz booth by the Musuems of Mississauga

With licence plate:
and a Storm Trooper riding Shot-gun, no one is stealing this car.

Meadowvale Theatre
Mississauga, ON


Farm to Fork On Common Ground
at Fort York
(Protecting Toronto Since 1812)



Inside Fort York looking west

Inside Fort York looking east

Keeping the market safe.

Vendors under the watchful eye of numerous condos.

Someone forgot to clean up their old cannon after the last war.

Aisle of vendors.

Different bands and singers all day.

A wall of protection.

Checking out the worm bin.

Rick overlooking the big green worm.

Cathy at work.

Toronto & Fort York under the
watchfull eye
of ...

The Goodyear blimp.

Watching the backdoor.


Miscellaneous Pic's From Summer of 2016

Laughter Yoga at Daytime.

Picture this, Cathy is framed at Greenliving show.

Cathy with Dragon Slayer Rachel Parent.

Cathy speaks at the Aurora Horticultural Society.



The Village of Inglewood Farmers Market


Cathy is setup and waiting
for the masses.

A dry summer is not
great for the grass.

Sean Darreaugh, magic on the clarinet. A very talented entertainer.

Many pets at this market but none as cute as this guy.


Bradford Farmers Market


Some incredibly energetic dancers from Uganda.
The Neema Children's Choir
put on an fabulous presentation.


The Dancers with local celebrity Matt Walker (Try to spot Cathy's photo bomb).

Bonnie entertains between sets with some karaoke.

Cathy catches up
with Mayor Rob Keffer.


Livestock Food & Farm Festival

Cathy and Farmer/Author Joel Salatin

Here is our booth, beside Edible Wild Food, on Montana Jones' beautiful farm.

Cathy giving a quick talk on the worms.

Karen Stephenson of Edible Wild Foods also gave a fascinating walk around the property offering insights into what can be consumed.

Farm animals, petting zoo and a bee with a message.

Gathering for speakers and singers.

These guys get the award for best company name.

Some wild fashions avaliable.


Laughter Yoga Teacher Training

Laughter on the Beach. What more can you say.

The group at Laff-a-lott cottage.

Cathy receives her Teachers Diploma from Master Laugher Duncan Cook.

Three new Laughter Teachers. Marsaye, Cathy & Sandra


Burlington Green Ecofair

Morning was a bit cool so vendors were trying to find some sunlight to keep warm.

Cathy ready for business.

Cathy with Mini-me.

A beautiful voice.



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Cathy's Crawly Composters

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