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April 12, 2005

Guest Speaker - Cathy Nesbitt of Cathy's Crawly Composters

President Greg introduced Cathy as a speaker who usually speaks to kids, but she would speak slower for us. She has been featured on radio and television, is married to husband Rick and lives in Bradford.

Cathy is THE environmentalist. She speaks about it, she has made a business out of it, it is her passion and she lives it everyday. She sees the world as a balanced ecosystem where "worms are the angels of the earth". Also she sees how wasteful we are of our abundance, unaware of our opportunities to better others people's lives and blind to the potential we have to better ourselves and the planet, in some cases.

The Indoor Composter - all you need is "Browns and Greens" and a little water.

That is how simple it is. In a very entertaining manner, Cathy described how to dispose of 3 lbs of vegetable leftovers (The Greens) with a mixture of shredded newspaper, a recycle box, some potting soil (The Browns) and 1lb of Red Wriggler Worms and little water in 1 week, and at the same time produce some of the best fertilizer you can buy.

Worm Power Facts
Worms eat half their bodyweight in food per day. One thousand Red Wriggler Worms or about 1 lb can devour 3 lbs of chopped fruits and vegetables in one week. Ten lbs of worms will munch through or actually suck up nearly 1 Ton of garbage in 1 year, and leave behind 'castings' or organic fertilizer.

When you buy her Composting System, ($79.95) she will make a personal house call if you have a problem with her system.

In growing her business, part of which is breeding the worms, she told us of her trials andtribulations in getting more food for her worm population. Apparently the worms love coffee grinds so she went to Tim Horton's and asked them if she could have their spent grinds. After the "Corporate run around" head office said "the garbage" was theirs and she could not have it. Her first thought was all coffee franchises will be the same, but Cathy is persistent. When she went to Country Style, they were not as protective of their Corporate Coffee Grinds as Tim's and offered her all she wanted.

She thought, what do grocery stores do with their rotting veggies and fruits? So she went to a large chain and again got the "corporate dodge", but she had learned that not all businesses are the same or as she put it, "It depends on the people". One No Frills gave her more than 3300 lbs of fruits and vegetables in one month. She observed that much of this produce was not even spoiled and she ended up giving the best of it to the Leader House Shelter on Yonge Street just north of Newmarket.

Cathy is very successful and knowledgeable and she would be glad to help you set up your own composter. Here's where you can reach her.

You can view Cathy's Crawly Composters at or call 905-775-9495 to order your Indoor Composter. (A well operated composter has no odour)

Raul thanked Cathy for a very entertaining, informative and inspiring presentation.

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Cathy's Crawly Composters

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