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Re: Awesome TedX video

Hi Cathy,

What an awesome Ted X video. Your enthusiasm and excitement is wonderful to see. The small changes we all make in our lives will help bring us closer to the bigger changes the world needs. I'm very excited to start my compost and look forward to seeing the results come harvest time this summer.

Have a wonderful evening,


Re: Just friendly spring tails looking to help out

Hi Cathy,

I emailed you a couple of weeks ago concerning the friendly visitors in my worm bins. It is good to know that they are just friendly spring tails looking to help out in the decomposing process!

I also wanted to let you know about what I am currently initiating with my worms. Last year I brought a large bin to my high school to start vermicomposting there for a project in environmental science, and it was/still is a great success with lots of student and staff participation. And then I thought, why not expand this to some schools in my region so that kids can also enjoy this amazing vermicomposting opportunity in my community. I would like to thank you for inspiring me to spread this initiative beyond my own bin!

Thank you again Cathy,


Re: Euroworms have arrive and are very impressive

Hi Cathy,

Watched your video. Impressive job on creating markets.
Euroworms have arrive and are very impressive. They had aleady started to burrow through their paper wrapping and three fell to the kitchen floor as I transfered them to a bowl and immeadiately began swiftlt clawling for the dark ubnder the stove. One fell on the stove too and man can they move!
Anyway just wanted to send our appreciation of a healthy aggressive vigorous product. Hope you are having a great day!

Doug B.
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Re: She would nominate you to Agricultural Minister of Canada!

Hi Cathy,

Just saw your presentation at York Region last Saturday. It was so awesome. My 14 yr old son was asking alot of questions and truly enjoyed it.

I showed my mum your video and she said that she would nominate you to Agricultural Minister of Canada! She loves what you do. Just thought I'd pass that along.

Anyhow, the reason I am writing is to place an order for 10 Litres of worm compost so I can get it in my garden quickly. I will be sharing this compost with my mum and her garden. We are so excited to try it. We usually use sheep manure but this has too many side-effects.

Thanks again for all your inspiring work and dedication to the earth.

Ingrid L.

Re: The positive impact you are having on our kids.


Thought you would like to hear this story and the positive impact you are having on our kids. My DD5 was outside today for recess and being that it has been a wet and soggy week there were many worms out of the ground on the cement. Many kids crying out, "eewwww, gross!" stepping on them or throwing them into the puddles in the court yard. Milena being Milena, along with a friend name Elizabeth went to the rescue trying to save the worms and trying to explain to all the other little kids that, "it is not nice to hurt God's creatures" and they weren't "eeewww". She went on to explain to the kids that throwing them into puddles the worms would die and suffocate as they breath through their skin. I was absolutely amazed at this child explaining to me this whole story and her amount of passion to the cause. I asked her where did she learn this? She told me, "I learnt that from your friend Mommy, the worm lady" A very proud moment to be able to call that child, my daughter and you, my friend. Thank you for the work that you do. The dedication and passion you show to one of God's littlest creatures and to our children!!

Denise K. Livotti
Petits Chefs Academy

Re: I'm Composting while it's -22C Outside!

I'm the proud new owner of a vermicomposter from Cathy's Crawly Composters and I just have to tell the world!

I've known Cathy for years and love her work, her energy and her worms. But I didn't realize how they could work for me because I have a traditional composter in my back yard. But when I saw Cathy's TEDtalk I realized I was missing an opportunity to be making black gold for my garden all winter!

Sue Bowe McKee

Re: Update on my "Valentine's Day" present

Hi Cathy,

Just a short note to tell you how much I love my worms. I bought a pound from you 2 years ago as a Valentine’s Day present to myself. Last Valentine’s Day I split them out to make 2 bins. This year I’ll make 4.

Thanks for giving me a way to take care of our junk mail, kitchen waste and indoor plant waste. It’s very satisfying to see my babies so warm and happy and multiplying.

Love my worms – so do my plants! Hee hee

Happy 2014. Continued success.

Kathleen P.

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Re: I'm a newbie and I live in Turkey.

Hi Cathy :)

I'm not a customer. I live a little bit too far to be a customer unfortunately. I'm a newbie and I live in Turkey. I've been composting about a year now but I have my DIY worm compost bin only for 4 months. I live in an apartment in the city so, hot composting is a little difficult for me. 4 months ago I've started vermicomposting thanks to a permaculturist friend of mine. I wasn't so sure about worms at first. But now, I love them :) I've started with about 20 worms and now I have lots of them. Still not quite enough but they're getting crowded and I'm happy when they're happy :)

I know you from your youtube videos. I'm researching about vermicomposting non-stop :) I've watched "Squirm" tonight. And I wanted to thank you for all those videos, information, motivation, this web site etc. You are so positive and inspiring! Thank you for all your effort...
This planet needs more people like you ...

Love from Turkey :)

Re: Very best of all websites about composting


It looks like your website is going to be the very best of all websites about composting. You're really putting everything into it. And that is what makes all the difference.

You're both wonderful in what you are doing. And some day the populous will realize how important your work really is when they run out of good nutritional soil. And that will happen as the world gets overcrowded.

Best to you,


Re: Worms are settling in well


The worms are settling in well. I only gave them a little snack the first night that they started out in their new home, so I gave them a larger meal today and plan to feed them again on Tuesday morning. I harvested my first batch of mung bean sprouts today and found them to be gloriously delicious and refreshing. I started a new batch right away, because that first batch will not last me long. The composting bucket works great and holds up well even in the warm of my apartment due to the fact that I don't have A/C and I am on the top floor.

Everything is good so far. Will let you know if I have any problems. I may be after you very shortly for an additional sprouter, I will let you know then.

Take care and God Bless,

Amy O'Brien

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Re: City of Oshawa Program


I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great presentation in Oshawa at the community centre last weekend. My mom and I attended and we both thought it was great. Your kept us laughing and laughing ... we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Keep up the great work, it is great to see someone so passionate about what they do!


Re: City of Oshawa Program

To Whom it May Concern,

It was a beautiful Saturday to learn about vermicomposting and sprouting. Cathy from Cathy's Crawlers was a great inspiration to all who ventured to the South Oshawa Community Complex. It's was an amazing workshop! It's wonderful to see someone so passionate about her work and her efforts to reduce waste and nourish were contagious - you couldn't help but be enthusiastic about trying these methods of sustainability yourself. Great course and thanks for offering it.

Kerry Y.

Re: Excited daughter

Thank you Cathy,

My Daughter is thrilled with her long awaited worm bin, had everything set up as soon as we got home and has put the potential 1st harvest date on the calendar!


Re: In sync with mother nature

Hi Cathy,

Just like I was drawn into horticulture; worms have brought me more in sync with mother nature. I love these hobbies so much that I have slowly become an expert in these fields. Its become a complete symbiotic relationship for me.


Re: Opening doors to real-life learning

Hi Cathy,

First of all, on behalf of all the students, I wanted to thank you for the DVD (Squirm - The Cathy's Crawly Composters Story).

The DVD began circulating each class on Friday and we are playing clips on the school TV screen that students watch as they come in from the recess yard. It will be great for our Grade 3s as they work through their science unit.

We are all waiting with baited breath to see if one of our worm names makes it to the "best of the best" list - 2 of the Grade 5 students are working on making vote slips for every student - and I know the Grade 2s are waiting to see the name votes so they can create a bar graph in mathematics.

You have truly opened the doors to real-life learning.

Thank you so much,

Peel School Board

NB: Regarding the Name the worm contest ...
My students are bugging me big time!! and just about every minute of the Day - I told you it had caught on - here's your proof! They are so excited to know the worm names so they can vote - when will we get this? You have lit not just a fire, but a ginormous bonfire - I am now getting daily questions!!
Please help!

Follow this link to see the results of our Name the Worm Back to School Contest.

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Re: The reason I purchased the worm chalet over an outdoor compost ...

Thanks again for the great presentation - it sold me. I have read about your product over the years and it seemed so easy, but for some reason I just wasn't ready to try it. Today I thought "What the hell?!" I'm excited for the experience.

Oh, and if you're interested, the reason I purchased the worm chalet over an outdoor compost (we could fit a modest outdoor compost system in our yard) is that the raccoons in the city are relentless. They come to the table when we eat outside in the summer...nip at your heels. They would tear apart anything that smells like food. This unit is safely stored in the basement.

It also seems as though the worms are great early indicators of the balance of the compost, whereas with an outdoor composter I would think that it would take a longer time to 'tell' you it is out of balance.

Anyhoo, thank you :)

Re: Thank you, for a wonderful presentation


Thank you, for a wonderful presentation to each of our classrooms on Tuesday. The children are thrilled that we have so many "class pets". Your presentations were packed with great information and we are all becoming a little better versed in Vermiculture and the world of Vermicomposting.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Thanks again from Our Lady of Lourdes School
Cathy Barry

Follow this link to see the photos.

Re: Worms arrived today. They look good.

Hi Cathy,

Just touching base to let you know that, amazingly enough, the worms arrived today. They look good - active, moist, and I immediately introduced them to their new environment. Hopefully they'll continue to do as well for me as they have for you - thank you for the information provided. :-)

I will refer back to your website or contact you if I have any questions or concerns. Thank you for a positive business transaction ... and best wishes for a warm and happy Christmas.

Take care, Holly

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Re: A very excited prize winner from Holland Marsh Soupfest


I am very excited to be the winner. Please let me know how and where to pick up my prize ...

My husband and I were very interesting in the worming concept and that is why I signed up for the newsletter.

Your new Holland Landing wormer,


Re: What my red wrigglers can or cannot eat

I just wanted to thank you on your article about vermicomposting and what my red wrigglers can or cannot eat.

I knew not to feed them grass clippings (weed killer used on lawn) or meat/dairy products. I was unsure whether I could feed them leaves from houseplants that have died or not. According to your article I can, which really put my mind at ease. Thank you again.

I find I really enjoy watching my food scraps and torn up paper and cardboard being turned into something good vs. filling a landfill and ruining the earth.

Sharon O.

Re: Forces of Nature - Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra


We were having an informal "post-mortem" of the week, and we all agree that you were an awesome exhibitor - you are so great at what you do!

Thanks so much for coming!


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Re: Awesome Business


I would like to first commend you for what looks like an awesome business that is committed to environmental concerns especially towards healthy soil which leads to sustainable food production, plant growth, etc.. Socially and ecologically responsible entrepreneurship is really important in today's social context - so again, thank you.


Re: Squirm DVD


The kids loved the video!

"Hey, did Cathy get her hair cut?"
They were talking about you like you were all old friends.

Admiral Collingwood Elementary School

Re: Thank you very much Cathy!

I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful today was for the kids but especially for me! You captured a true basic need at our school. I am truly grateful! I emailed Roberta right after the presentation and thanked her for sending your link to us! The boys fed the worms right away ... coffee grinds, apple core, lettuce (no dressing), and orange peels.

Rest assured that the worms have found a home and they will be well taken care.

St. Michael's Choir

Re: 2009 ICCON Award

Congratulations my friend ...

That is wonderful news and you deserve it for all you do. You are very unique and I feel you were specially "choosen" for this work on our planet at this time.

I salute you, and I honor you.

Warmest regards,

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Re: Hi Cathy.

We are 2 girls from St. Paul Middle School and we did a project on your worms and if they help decomposition. We just wanted to thank you for the information and worms you provided. It would not be possible to do this project without your worms ... the project is still going on and we will let you know about the outcome.

Thank you.

Hannah and Rachael
Grade 8 St. Pauls

Re: Not one guest has even noticed that it's a worm bin, there is no smell at all!

Hi there Cathy:

I called you in October about getting some red wigglers for my daughters science fair project.The worms arrived in speed record time and we immediately placed them in their new home. I seriously had my doubts that they would "eat" all that shredded newspaper, eggshells and other scraps that we placed in the bin, but I'm happy to report that the worms settled in beautifully and are doing a fabulous job eating up all of our kitchen scraps.

In an amazingly short period of time we began to see the rich castings from our worms! All this, right on our kitchen counter. Not one guest has even noticed that it's a worm bin, there is no smell at all (other than earth).

As for my daughter's science fair project, she has decided to see if these incredible worms can tackle a "biodegradable" bag filled with fruit. She wonders whether or not these bags are truly "Biodegradable". I'll have to let you know what the results are.

Thanks Cathy for providing us with the worms and information to get started. Adriana and I are both converts of vermiculture and are trying to spread the word. Adri is part of the enviromental club at school and is working on getting a worm bin going at her school. Happy New Years, and keep wriggling!

Tanya and Adriana B.
Toronto, Ontario

Re: Hi Cathy:

Wow awesome and informative newsletter ... way more than just a newsletter!

Youre awesome!

Have a great day!


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