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Bradford West Gwillimbury Times

April 19, 2003

It's time to Spring back into Composting

By Cathy Nesbitt

Spring is here! Time to get the plastic off the windows, clean up the yard, and get that composter up and running.

Some people believe composting is a lot of work. Fortunately, this is a myth.

Successful composting is as easy as adding layers, to provide a carbon: nitrogen mix. Add a layer of brown material (carbon, from dried leaves, brown grass or even shredded paper), and then a layer of green material (nitrogen, from fruit and vegetable scraps, plant cuttings, etc.). The pile should be aerated or turned once a week to allow oxygen to circulate.

A composter should be placed in a sunny location, to help the process. Water may be required, to ensure that the pile remains moist. If it dries out, all activity stops.

With the ongoing garbage crisis, we all need to do our part for the environment. Canadians produce an average of I tonne of waste per person per year. Removing fruit and vegetable matter from household garbage can not only reduce the amount going to landfill by 30% to 50%, it also reduces the smell. Rotting organic material is what causes garbage to smell- and what attracts unwanted pests. A properly aerated composter will not smell.

Composting. turns organic waste into a nutrient-rich soil amendment that can be spread directly onto flowerbeds and gardens.

To increase the rate of composting, consider adding worms to the pile - Red Wigglers, that is. These "wonders of nature" not only speed up the process, they also aerate the pile, and add valuable nutrients to the finished compost. Worms turn organic matter into nutrient-rich castings - one of the best organic fertilizers available.

Vermicomposting is a good alternative for those who do not have the space for traditional backyard composting, since it can be done indoors - year-round. For more information about vermicomposting, attend one of the demonstrations in the area planned by Cathy's Crawly Composters.

  • Bond Head & District Horticultural Soc. meeting at the Danube Seniors Leisure Centre on April 24th,. 7 ;30 p.m. Membership $5 per person, $8 per couple.
  • Clean Up and Green Up at the Sharon Arena, May 3rd 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. A chance to recycle non-blue box items, including grocery bags, plastic wrap, elastics, fastfood containers and styrofoam. Free Admission.
  • Windfall Eco-Festival at Fairy Lake Park in Newmarket, May 31 st- June 1st, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Free Admission. A Spring Perennial Swap will take place at the Eco-Festival - bring ready-to-swap, readyto- plant perennials, and take home a selection from a wide variety of garden delights, from Bachelor Button to Evening Primrose.

For more information on composting and vermicomposting, visit or call 905-775-9495.

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