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How safe are we from the effects of EMF Radiation?

Our new normal is that we now live in a world that is being constantly bombarded with EMF radiation. Prolonged exposure to this mid to low frequency radiation can disrupt the natural function of cells and may cause damage to the immune system. Reported symptoms of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) include headaches, anxiety, suicide and depression, nausea, fatigue and loss of libido.

Just what are EMF's and Should we be afraid?

Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible areas of energy, or radiation, that are associated with the use of electrical power. Sources include: Cellphones, Computers, Wifi networks, Television, Microwaves, Electrical wiring and even plumbing (metal water pipes are a great conductors of nearby EMF sources such as power lines).

Although some may doubt that EMFs are dangerous, there are many scientists who question exactly how much exposure is safe. Almost every important research organization agrees that more research is needed in this area. A pretty good idea considering how pervasive and invasive EMF exposure has become.

“Now, in the age of cellular telephones, wireless routers, and the Internet of things, all of which use EMF, concerns persist about possible connections between EMF and adverse health effects. These exposures are actively being studied. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) recommends continued education on practical ways of reducing exposures to EMFs. “
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)

EHS is a recent phenomenon which manifests with signs and symptoms in some sensitive individuals with EMF exposure from varied electronic sources. According to WHO [1], about 1–3% of the world’s population are affected by EHS syndrome.

EHS have been related to release of inflammatory substances such as histamines. These compounds can be responsible for allergic hypersensitivity, sensation of itch and pain, edema, local erythema, and many other kinds of dermatosis.

Whether you are convinced or you are still on the fence about EMF's being harmful, one thing is certain, there is no harm in protecting yourself from EMF radiation whenever possible.

1 - WHO (World Health Organisation), “Electromagnetic hypersensitivity,” in Proceedings of the International Workshop on EMF Hypersensitivity, Prague, Czech Republic, 2004.

How can we protect ourselves?

The best way to protect yourself from the effects of EMF radiation is to avoid them altogether. Put your phone down and go for a walk (actually, that is a good remedy for most of our ills). Never carry a cellphone in your breast pocket or front pant pocket for men. Unplug or turn off your wifi when you go to bed.

Unfortunately in our modern 24-hour lifestyle sometimes getting away from our electronics may not be practical or even possible. One answer you may want to consider an EMF blocker or shield.

EMF blockers work by changing the EMF to neutral frequency levels that are not harmful. By harmonizing the radiation the blockers reduce your exposure to EMF emitted from your devices.

The efficacy of EMF protection pendants or shields, like most products, depends on the materials used. Some are inevitably more effective than others, and it’s worth researching what materials the pendant is made from before making a purchase.

What are Eradicator EMF protection shields and what makes them different.

Eradicator technology uses a specific zinc and copper formula embedded with Basic Frequencies. Radiation is measured in wavelengths. The wavelength is directly proportional to the frequency. A “Basic Frequency” is a specific frequency you add to another frequency to manipulate it, in order to alter the wavelength of the radiation. Different sources of radiation require a different Basic Frequency.

The majority of similar products available on the market today for EMF Protection use “Quartz Crystal technology.” They may not tell you but if you open some of these shields, you will find Quartz. Quartz Crystal technology is the old way of dealing with EMF. It has properties to harmonize EMF but has a dangerous side to it. Quartz absorbs radiation but if it is not cleaned properly and regularly it can amplify the radiation you are exposed to. Additionally, Quartz Crystal technology cannot clear the radiation already stored in your cells.





































Eradicator Technology


ELFR Eliminator – The EMF Harmonizer

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) produce a very low frequency (or wave length) radiation. This Extremely Low Frequency Radiation (ELFR) is an invisible threat to our health.

By applying ELFR ELIMINATOR chips to common household and office devices, dangerous low frequencies of radiation are neutralized and brought into harmony with our normal, healthy frequencies.

ELFR Eliminators do not affect the quality of transmission of a cell phone, or harm electronic equipment in any way.

They have been tested, used and recommended by homeopathic and holistic practitioners world wide since 1997.

Apply one chip per device. Place the chip on the front or back of any normal electronic equipment. It is strongly recommended you use the ELFR ELIMINATOR on devices that you operate in their electromagnetic field such as:

  • Computer Hard Drives, Monitors, Laptops
  • Cell Phones, Cordless Phones and Headsets
  • Baby Monitors
  • Wireless Routers
  • Wireless Gaming Systems
  • Portable & Car DVD Players
  • Bluetooths and Wireless Devices
  • MP3, MP4, MP5 Players
  • eBook Readers, WikiReaders, iPods, iPads, PDAs
  • Satellite Dishes and Receivers
  • Home Theater and TVs
  • Alarm Clocks
  • Microwave Ovens

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ELFR Eliminator

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Lotus Shield – Your Personal Protection

The Lotus Shield is activated by our body’s millivolts. (from 10-100 millivolts of electricity) It is the only shield on the market that can eliminate and nullify the negative effects of Electromagnetic Pollution and Geopathic Stress from the human body by holding it in your hand for under 5 minutes. It brings the original state of vibration level to your body, and assists you to resonate at the optimum Schumann Resonance of approximately 7.3-7.8 Hertz.

Wearing the Lotus Shield generates a therapeutic energy field that raises the energy level of each and every cell in the body. It provides you with EMF Protection, and acts as a Radiation Shield. It continuously helps to improve energy imbalances, maximize nutrient uptake, and enhances the healing process.

The Lotus Shields have been tested, used and recommended by homeopathic and naturopathic doctors since 1997.

Each Lotus Shield carries a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects and does not expire.


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